B2B marketing

Bring your showroom closer to customers
Expose your brands
Allow customers to order independently
Control price exposure
Streamline work processes
Upgrade your agents

designed for importers, manufacturers and major suppliers.

Expand your zone

Customize product content and prices for each customer individually

Expose any customer to information and goods suitable for him.

Benefits to your business


Expose products in a multi-dimensional way in a variety of catalogs.

Price policy

Unique customer cost and enforcing business conditions that suit every customer will enable you to deal with many customers simultaneously and simply.


A unique product mix and more information for each product will help you offer the right deal for each customer.


Be the first to react with quick response to changes in market conditions. the markets today are running fast. A quick response to changes in market conditions is incredibly important.


Customer’s action learning and control will help you to understand & sharp your offer and efforts. the system will monitor for you all the important activities of your customers, and you will be able to react based on this information.


Operating cost savings, and fast return of an investment will Maximize your budget. When you let your customers act on their own and order merchandise or find out product and promotional details, you save a lot of manpower.


Distinguish your business from your competitors by using our system, thus creating a quality gap between you and other marketers and keeping your business high in the target audience.


The modern life is a big game, Give customers unique shopping experience and excellent service will encourage your customers to deal with you again and again, show them that buying from you is easy and comfortable, this game will maximizing revenue.


When handling a lot of clients, it is not easy to operate a variety of price lists and keep updating them on regular basis, it costs a lot of money, with this system your offers and price list always stay up to date, so a customer can make an informed and better decision, in less time.


A diverse set of capabilities like sales offers, coupons, minimum sale amount, with or without VAT, customer deal limit, payments model. Attract your customers with special deals from time to time, Control the activity with a set of reports, KPIs and graphs.


Let your customers do business with you at their preferred time, provide them with the tools and business information they need to do business with you. A customer who feels comfortable becomes a satisfied customer and is constantly working with you, and you will save on sales due to the online nature and self-service of these operations.


Manage a range of products ranging from a very small product list to a multi-branch product list, made up of different product types in their composition and with a different data set, this capability will allow you to represent your goods in a way that fits a wide range of customers.

Sales man

Your salespeople need a very good system to achieve high sales results, available information and work efficiency are significant to them. Let them use an advanced set of tools to leverage their productivity.


Catalogs are the basis for customer work, you can let each customer be exposed to more than one catalog, each catalog is a unique business set of conditions and consists of a product mix that fits the customer, based on past shopping or similar customers.

Organize your products into different interest groups based on the nature of the items and their capabilities, as well as use a smart tag system as another layer of information to catalog your products, a proper catalog allows customers to reach the product intuitively and quickly.

This is the online business and the marketplace where transactions are conducted, here’s where customers come to take an interest in your products, and from here your salespeople offer the products to their customers, the result of this work is orders or bids.

Secure yourself with the permission subsystem, and guarantee that each worker or client will act exactly as you defined.


The system is equipped with management, control and monitoring tools for all the components required for its regular operation, in addition we maintain a live interface to your ERP organizational system so that the data is kept the same between the systems.