Closing a Deal

Choose how your customers will close a deal. The customer can send an offer request via email, another option is by creating an order with payment directly on the credit card, or by creating a new order or offer and sending it into your ERP system.
You can select this option for a specific customer or for all clients.
You can force a customer to pay directly by credit card or not.

Market Place

You can set a special marketplace for some products, even for products that are not in your hand now. You are acting here only as a marketing channel for them. In this method, you will get your share for any deal from the product owner.

The billing and credit system between you and the vendors can be automated and through the credit company’s system without the need to waste manpower.

Show price

For some products or for a whole catalog you can decide not to show the prices to the customer, and ask him to contact you to get a bid.
By this method, you will keep your prices from the market.
You can mix products with or without visible prices in the same catalog.


You can manage product prices with or without VAT and you can combine the two options in one catalog side by side.

You have the option to choose if your customer will see the price with VAT or not, regardless of the price setting.

Other discounts

You can set to any customer a special percentage discount for of his activity, or you can give in any order a unique discount from time to time for the order level or single row level, any change from base price will be logged and can be viewed later, by your managers.


You can collaborate with other organizations and distribute coupons to your customers. When your customer will close a new deal, he can present the coupon and receive a unique discount for their coupon.

Deal Amount Limit

For some customers you can limit the amount of the deal, the customer will not be able to order good beyond this limit. By this, you will reduce your risks.

Force Minimum Deal Amount

For some customers you can force a minimum amount limit for the deal, the customer will not be able to order less than this limit. By this, you can economize on expenses like transportation and packing and such. You can set this option for a supplier level, or product level, in one order.


You can let your customers buy your products through payment policy, you can set the number of payments based on the amount of the deal, up to twelve monthly payments.

Special deals

You can offer your customers deals from time to time different from your basic product price. For example, you can set a special product price or a percentage discount, you can give a product as a gift if the customer buys a certain amount from a special product mix, you can promote a product if the customer buys a certain amount of units, he will get a few extra units as a bonus, you can offer another offer if the customer Will buy from some products up to a certain amount it will receive a special unit price or a special discount on the percentage.

Special deal conditions

Any special deal can be limited between dates, or to some products group, or to any supplier product list, or to a specific product or to all products list in your store.
You can set how many times a customer is eligible to redeem the special deal, or if this special deal can coexist with other special deals at the same time.

Deal copy

To save you time we allow you to start a new special deal based on some other offers, and then you can start the editing process to fine tune the details for the new deal.