Customer type

You can also serve unknown customers, who are still anonymous to you and do not have a registration with you, which is not a good enough reason to lose a customer who has come to you.
In addition and naturally, you can service customers who are already registered on your system.
The difference is if the customer needs to sign in and identify himself before he enters your business and when closing the deal, for anonymous customers we will charge credit at the end of the order.

Professionals and managers

We assume that in some of your larger clients there are managers and professionals who can and should be treated as clients themselves, by virtue of their client activity, we allow you to give this community a special treat, they can have their own catalog and their own price lists that reflect their organizational needs. This way they will order much easier.

Previous shopping

While building a new order Your customer can browse his earlier shopping list and check for all details, prices, a mix of products, special offers, discounts and more. Additionally, this tool will also be very helpful to your sales rep while working on any customer from his account.


You can communicate with your customers through our chat tools. Or via email, you can send him product data and photos directly to his mail, or you can send him copies of documents such as invoices and orders.

Update your customer data

When working with our Salesman application you can update the contact information of your customer directly while working with him, this way you will Improve your customer repository.