Each client is configured with a special type, this type will help the system expose it to the functionality and data it needs. Customers can enter your business with an identification mechanism or as anonymous customers, at your discretion.


Each employee is configured with a special type, which will help the system reveal the functionality and data it needs. Employees are required to identify themselves before logging in and using the system.

Access control

Each login to the system will be logged, which will let you know who connects when and where, and for how long.
Customers and employees log in based on user ID and password, the system allows you to limit the amount of time a user can log in, the system limits access attempts in the event of repeated attempts.

Self service

Let your customers or workers handle their own password replacement by themselves without any of your involvement.


Choose if the customer or worker will work with or without a password.

Active Profile

You can limit until when your customer will be able to log in,
Or prevent temporary customer login without deleting the profile.