Home Page

Your business starts with a general homepage, you can set up multiple home pages and switch between them based on a view plan, in the view plan you can be set from when to when a particular home page will be active.

In addition, every catalog can have its home page, you can give your client personalized information and differentiate it from other customers.

On the homepage, you can integrate information about your products, product group, tag or vendor, and allow direct access to their content and images.


We support more than one language, your customers can use one of these languages: Spanish, German, Arabic, Russian, Hebrew, English, French. customers can work with different languages at the same time.


The store allows customers to navigate to every corner of the store whether to move forward or backward, restart from your business homepage, and refresh any screen to get up-to-date data if needed, search for products, reach groups or tags or vendors, easily reach anywhere, easily.

Customer type

You can serve unknown customers, who are still anonymous to you and do not have a registration with you, which is not a good enough reason to lose a customer who has come to you.
In addition and naturally, you can service customers who are already registered on your system.
The difference is if the customer needs to sign in and identify himself before he enters your business and when closing the deal, for anonymous customers we will charge credit at the end of the order.

Closing a Deal

Choose how your customers will close a deal. The customer can send an offer request via email, another option is by creating an order with payment directly on the credit card, or by creating a new order or offer and sending it into your ERP system. You can select this option for a specific customer or for all clients.
You can force a customer to pay directly by credit card or not.

personal design

The system comes with a fixed initial design and three more to choose from, you can choose from the four designs the one for you, or you can upload your own CSS-based design kits made by in company or by your graphic designers to create uniformity between your site, the system, and the official forms. this way you will have a uniform graphical language between everyone.

Type of orders

The system allows customers to build orders or ask for a quote based on your products and catalogs, you can also incorporate in quotes new products that are not yet in your records but appear in your suppliers’ original catalogs.
When building a quote or order, you can use previous customer documents to get historical data such as price, content, discount and use them in the new document.

Supply control

If you choose to implement an invoice repository interface to your ERP system, we can check what was provided to the customers from their open orders, and allow you to track the required completions until the order is fully delivered.

Marketing alerts

Any change to a customer catalog in the product mix, or a change in price, or a new special offer to the customer or groups that the customer is a member of, your customer will receive the information because it can affect their business decisions.


The system enables product search, your customers and salespeople can search for any product by setting up a quick or multi-criteria search, resulting in the content that meets this definition, in addition the system will remember your previous search criteria and allows you to re-use them multiple times.

Import / export

You can import order information from Excel, and the order can be exported to Excel. This way you can get orders from your customer system without typing. , This feature can also be very helpful on very large orders where the Excel file is built with the client and forwarded to you for fulfillment.

Messages and alerts

Your sales rep will see any message or alert about the customer he is working with, right when he will start working with him, It can be an accounting message, debt collection alert or any other issue he must be aware of while serving this customer.


You can set to any customer a special percentage discount for his activity, or you can give at any order a unique discount from time to time in the order level or in a single row level, any change from base price will be logged and can be viewed later, by your managers.