ERP Interface

We maintain an interface between our system and your ERP system on behalf of sharing data and letting you all data from all sources right into your work process.

Image Fast loading

You can load a series of product images into your products from any location, and by this save a lot of work.


Any contact in your business area can be saved regardless of whether it is a customer, owner, business, partner, colleague or regulator, the sum of all this data can give you more control and quick access to everyone involved in your business.


Any employee in your business will have its own profile while using the system, with this info we can let him do exactly the jobs that belong to his criteria.

Access control

Any login to the system will be logged, you will be able to know who is log in from when and where, and for how long.

Customers and workers can log in base on user id and password, the system can let you limit the period time this person can get in.


Your data is safe with us, we will back up it based on your profile and settings, from a daily to weekly full back up, you can even download the copy to any place you wish.

On-demand you can restore a backup copy to the current system.