Product tree


The system manages your products in a three-tier group tree. The groups are: the main group, the sub-group, and the product group. The group is a collection of products not only for visual representation but also for pricing and special offer and more. A group can contain other groups below it in a hierarchy and also items directly, by navigating to the group you will see all products in her, in a way, a group of products is grouped together when they have some common denominator.

Main group

A primary group can contain subgroups or products directly. This type of group is the first in the hierarchy and in most cases is the starting point of a group branch from which there are many branches to subgroups and other item groups.


A subgroup can contain products groups or products directly. This type of group is the second in the hierarchy and in most cases is used as a branch of the main group from which there are many branches to product groups.

product group

A product group contains only products, this group serves as the edge of the product tree’s split ability, of which there will be no further branches, this group not only serves as a display group but can also serve as a product association for sales promotions, or affiliate catalogs and more.

Fast access menu

We offer your customers a very fast access menu to all groups in your product tree structure, your client can get access to any group and her content instantly. Some major tags ready for selection and widely used actions are on this menu too. 

Special groups

In addition to the groups you build yourself, the system builds and maintains special groups with unique content such as new products, tags, suppliers, favorite items, previous shopping, catalog content and more. Viewing these groups will spread their product content in front of your customer with the appropriate headline by the selection group.


Each of the vendors or manufacturers you work with has its own set, in which your customer will be able to view and select from the selected vendor products.

New products

Every time you will add new products to the system, for two months from the date of the addition the product will be declared as a New Product, and your customers will be able to see these products in one place, this method will help you expose your new products to your clients.


The customer can mark certain products as favorites, marking products as favorites can happen for various reasons, the system will concentrate these items in this group and give them a special indication that will accompany the favorite items as long as they are a favorite, the customer can remove the indicator himself from any item of his choice.


Tags are a primary metadata layer through which you can label your products beyond the product affiliation to any group, and the tags can help you distinguish between product characteristics, since you determine the tag names and product association to them, you can actually define using tags any association that comes to mind. Your customer using the tags will be able to reach the tag’s population group and see the products associated with the tag and from there do business operations on them.

Previous shopping

Your customer and sales person can browse each customer’s previous shopping list to see which topics are relevant to their activity, they will see the items purchased, when purchased, how they were purchased, what price or business conditions they purchased, whether there were special comments, special offers, Discounts and more. Your salesperson will be able to watch for all of their customers on this list.